Student Feedback

“Dr. F-R put together my favorite German class yet! I learned so much about refugees in German culture, and I will be able to take what I learned in whatever job I end up doing.” (Fall 2019, Upper-Division Seminar in German)

“Dr. Frazier-Rath was very engaged and obviously cared greatly about what she was teaching, which made paying attention and participating in class easy. She had some very creative ideas forclass and put a lot of time into lesson planning. I enjoyed this class a lot.” (Fall 2019, Upper-Division Seminar in German)

“You are so passionate about the subject and that energy made the class so much more interesting. Thank you for the great semester.” (Fall 2019, Upper-Division Seminar in German)

“Great class that was relaly fascinating- I learned a lot about german culture which I had not known before!” (Fall 2019, Upper-Division Seminar in German)

“This professor clearly cares deeply about the subject and knows it well. She had us read a mix of great literary theorists and more specific pieces.” (Fall 2019, Upper-Division Seminar in German)

“The way the class was run was a great way to learn. It was discussion based, and each of us had to run a class. You really get to understand material when you have to teach it.” (Fall 2019, Upper-Division Seminar in German)

“The class discussions were always interesting.” (Fall 2019, Upper-Division Seminar in German)

“Dr. FR was a very energetic and optimistic professor this semester.” (Fall 2019, Lower-Division German Language Course)

“I adore Dr. Frazier-Rath! I was always excited to come to class and eagerly arranged office hours meetings with her. She helped make me feel confident about my knowledge in a subject that I still find incredibly difficult. She is certainly one of the most enthusiastic and inspiring professors I have ever had.” (Fall 2019, Lower-Division German Language Course)

“Dr. Frazier-Rath did a really good job leading the class, especially with the frustrating experience with the Blink learning. She created a really good environment for us to learn in the classroom and our class could feel extremely comfortable making mistakes and engaged in learning the language. I was always looking forward to our class – it never felt like a real class, it felt like a constant learning opportunity. She was also very available outside class and it was clear throughout the entire semester that she wants us to succeed in learning a second language.” (Fall 2019, Lower-Division German Language Course)

“Perhaps ironically for a German class, we have developed a very light-hearted atmosphere here. People make mistakes all the time, we just consider it to be a part of the learning process.” (Fall 2019, Lower-Division German Language Course)

“She always provided extremely helpful feedback on all activities.. which made me feel more comfortable asking questions.” (Fall 2019, Lower-Division German Language Course)

“Very good learning environment. Thank you Dr. Frazier-Rath.” (Fall 2019, Lower-Division German Language Course)

“Dr. FR is great, this class is a fun but hardworking environment.” (Fall 2019, Lower-Division German Language Course)

“Just wanted to say that the amount of German I have learned in just one semester is pretty amazing. I am excited to see my progress from here to the end of 102.” (Fall 2019, Lower-Division German Language Course)

“Great teacher. All that needs to be said honestly. She is caring for her students, loves the subject in which she is teaching, and makes it easy for anyone to feel as if they could do it too.”(Fall 2019, Lower-Division German Language Course)

“This class was absolutely wonderful. Professor Frazier-Rath opened the opportunity for us to learn the material and allowed us to learn at the pace and the style that we were drawn to. She is a great teacher and this has been my favorite language class.” (Spring 2019)

“Allowing discussion in class made it not only more engaging but it helped me learn more when other students asked questions.” (Spring 2019)

“Emily, you made German fun I am glad you could teach me.” (Spring 2019)

“One of the best instructors I’ve ever had.” (Spring 2019)

“Very interesting and fun class. Emily’s teaching style was great.” (Spring 2019) 

“I’ve personally had a wonderful time in the class and you’ve been extremely sincere and fun to learn from. As well, you’re extremely patient with your students, even when you have to work on your doctoral thesis and go home to a young daughter…It’s impressive and much appreciated. You made German extremely fun. Danke.” (Spring 2019).

“Thanks for making class engaging and for being helpful especially when we were learning new and more difficult material. I also really appreciate how much material you gave us for review before exams and speaking assignments, it made studying a lot easier. Overall you really helped me to keep enjoying German even though 2010 was more difficult that classes last year.” (Fall 2018)

“Emily is great and I enjoyed having her as a professor. Going forward I would suggest emphasizing more on reviews for the exam to wrap up the material together. She does a fine job at relating American concepts with Germany and has a lot of experience as a someone who has studied and lived in Germany before, which brought value to our discussions in many instances.” (Fall 2018)

“Very kind, makes sense in lecture. Willing to help outside of class.” (Fall 2018)

“She is really nice teacher. She helped us very much over this semester.” (Fall 2018)

“I appreciate all of your hard work this semester. You’ve done so much to help us be successful in the class. For example, you respond to your emails in an impressive time frame. You also provide your students with a lot of extra practice materials and opportunities. I can tell that you genuinely care for your students and enjoy teaching. I wish you the best in the future.” (Fall 2018)

“Professor Frazier-Rath is a wonderful instructor. She knows her material well and helps the class to understand a foreign language as only someone who was not originally a native speaker can. She is always available and has offered much ancillary material online to enrich the course.” (Fall 2018)

“Emily was beyond nice and made an effort to make everyone feel involved and like we were suffering as a group rather than alone. I have never heard her be negative and goes above and beyond to find interactive ways to get us involved with the topics she is discussing that day!” (Spring 2018)

“Emily is so amazing! For not being an expert in the topic but that didn’t stop her from being an amazing and educational teacher.” (Spring 2018)

“I really thought that you did an amazing job teaching this recitation this semester. I have never been in a recitation class (let alone an 8am) that involved so much of the class taking part in discussion. You provided an environment that made me feel comfortable to speak up and participate every week. Old Norse Mythology is a subject that can be hard to appreciate but you did a good job of connecting the information to a bigger picture that taught me a lot about this cultural group. This was definitely my favorite recitation I have ever been in!” (Spring 2018)

“Albeit Old Norse isn’t your field of study I think you did a good job in conveying the information as a good supplement to what Crawford goes over in class.” (Spring 2018)

“Great at clarifying the material and presenting it in an understandable manner.” (Spring 2018)

“I really enjoyed recitation and though Emily was a great instructor.” (Spring 2018)

“Unbelievably helpful. She has the ability to reach out to students in a different way in hopes of connecting everyone along some universal baseline. She gave me the ability to speak in classes and I felt as if my voice was heard. Emily helped relay my concerns to the professor and formed personal solutions accordingly. She was the most helpful TA I have had in my three years of college, including my previous self.” (Spring 2018)

“the interactive games and activities (creating a comic strip) really helped make the material and class more enjoyable.” (Spring 2018)

“Good conversations and a fun vibe in class.” (Spring 2018)

“Thank you for your support. You really care for your students and it shows. It certainly encourages attendance. Thank you, Emily.” (Spring 2017)

“This was a great course and Emily was a great teacher who really was a master on the topics and helped me learn by being engaging and passionate.” (Spring 2017)

“Thank you for making me want to come to class every day. You exposed me to so many new things. Thank you!” (Fall 2016)

“I cannot express enough how amazing Emily is. She did a phenomenal job of presenting these ideas.” (Fall 2016)

“Having had experience with the topic, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover so much that affected me back home that I didn’t even know about.” (Fall 2016)

“Frau Emily is a really good teacher. Seems really excited to teach and also seems really involved in the learning process. 10/10. I wish she was teaching 1020 [the next class in the language sequence].” (Fall 2015)

“She is always patient with everyone and keeps classes light while focused.” (Fall 2015)

“You have been a great teacher all semester. Definitely my best language teacher I’ve ever had. You made it fun while helping us learn the material. Thanks!” (Fall 2015)

“Emily is very approachable and very relatable. I enjoyed her as a teacher. Even at 8am she expressed enthusiasm and made it easy to participate and pay attention.” (Spring 2015)

“Excellent group feedback and report with students. PowerPoint slides were done well and with care. Excellent at encouraging interest.” (Spring 2015)

“I thought she did a great job highlighting the important ideas within the articles [we read for class].” (Spring 2015)

“Great class; had interesting discussions. Persistently asked questions even when class was quiet, forced thought processes. Immensely enjoyable.” (Spring 2015)

“Emily is a passionate and enthusiastic instructor. I had a great first experience in German class with her as an instructor. Her review sheets for new word order, etc. were great!” (Spring 2014)

“This semester has been great and Emily is fantastic at explaining the material in a way that I understand.” (Spring 2014)

“Very friendly, fun, and competent teacher. She makes class fun and entertaining.” (Spring 2014)